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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

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Website Design and/or Development


Minimalist style meets human centered design is my sweet spot. The bulk of my experience is in fully custom responsive web development (coding web apps from scratch), CMS’ like SquareSpace, Wordpress, or Shopify, and headless CMS’ (fully customize-able CMS). I specialize in big picture technical strategy, and have the coding chops to implement anything you need from custom SVG interactions to enterprise systems integration. I don’t believe in piling on the technical tools and fancy bells and whistles for the hell of it. I get to know you, your business, and what makes you tick. From there, I’ll build, not only a website, but a comprehensive technical strategy, custom fit for your specific needs. From custom email marketing campaigns to social media automation strategies, if you can dream it, I can build it. If for some reason I can’t (say, you want to build a website that spits glitter into the face of your enemies), I have an impressive network of technical experts that I’ve curated over the past two decades in the tech scene, so you can trust you’re in good hands.

Process Development and Automation

Do better work

I help to streamline processes and systems to work both effectively and efficiently so you can focus without the landslide of distracting tasks hanging out in the back of your mind. I develop processes to standardize and automate your workflows, use diagrams like flow charts to clearly explain what the tech is doing behind the scenes, offer training and documentation, keeping you in the loop the entire way. Nobody understands the work you’re doing better than you. I combine industrial engineering practices, specialized software, my experience as an engineer and programmer, and most importantly, your own goals, to create systems and processes that are tailor-made for your specific needs. I take you through the process from start to finish, ensuring that each step of the way, we are developing practices, habits, and accountability measures that are not only maintainable in the future, but also that set you up for potential growth and market changes. By doing this, we free up time for you to spend doing what matters to you most, whether that be creating your next best-seller, spending time with family, or doing something we could all use a bit more of, getting some quality R&R.

Technical Strategy

do smarter work

I analyze your existing technological tools; from your email client to lead generation tools to accounting software, CRM’s, and so on. If you’re brand new to the scene, I work with you to develop a robust, custom-made, technical strategy, including tools, use cases, templates, etc. to get you up and running with confidence. If you want to focus only on a specific area, I zoom in on that. I’ll give you feedback, perform analysis, and create a technology roadmap for you to follow. Finding the right tools for the job can be overwhelming given the amount of choices in even niche software markets like small scale mobile accounting or data-driven, integration-friendly MailChimp alternatives. Multiply that times the number of software tools you use on a daily basis, and it gets crazy quickly. I help you find the right tools, show you how to use them to their maximum potential, giving you the confidence of knowing your technical strategy is perfectly tailored to your specific needs. There aren’t any tools around that do it all well, so building an appropriate and applicable technology stack is vital.

Sustainable Operations

do greener work

I take your current processes and systems and determine how, where, and when to best incorporate eco-friendly practices. These are incorporated bit by bit, as we go, not all at once, to avoid ethical overwhelm and eco-burnout. I take a look into what material waste we can re-use, how to responsibly dispose of things, and minimize your carbon footprint by starting small and ramping up. We determine a baseline and make improvements, measuring progress along the way, to give you valuable sustainability metrics to use in your promotional materials and website. In my mind, sustainability doesn’t end at eco-friendly practices, but also includes your ability to sustain your operations long into the future.

Customized Agile Planning Methodology

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Waterfall planning (making a large list then doing the large list) for large projects is for the stone ages. Rarely, is it beneficial, or even possible, to plan out an entire project’s worth of tasks before starting to implement. In the web development and engineering worlds, agile has become the go-to project planning methodology. It focuses on the tasks that you have the clarity to successfully complete in a “sprint.” This allows you to not over-plan and focus on what’s important right now without losing site milestones. But I make it even better. I take your existing practices (I’m up to speed on OKR’s, EOS, Scrum, etc.), create a plan to migrate your unique, one-of-a-kind company over to agile or agile-integrated planning, then guide you along the way until you’re enjoying the benefits of this quick-on-your-feet, highly-adaptive, obstacle-friendly planning method. Agile can integrate nicely with many of the most established goal tracking and project management methodologies, and is a wonderful practice for handling large and small projects. Your business’ needs are unique, as should be your planning strategy.