Becky VandenBout

Who I Am - Becky VandenBout

Meet Becky VandenBout. She’s a mother of two little girls, aspiring minimalist, sustainable living advocate, ethical fashion expert, and founder of Joon + Co., an online retailer selling timeless women's slow fashion capsule wardrobes. Her background is in controls engineering, lean manufacturing, web development, and entrepreneurship, In addition to running Joon + Co., she is also a small business consultant specializing in logistics, technical strategy, and sustainable operations planning.


Hi there, I’m Becky.

I use technology and intentionality to maximize impact.
Ready to get started? Let’s do it to it.

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A bit about me.

I believe in doing things the right way, not the easy way. I believe in using technology as a tool to improve our quality of life, not as a means to live life. I believe in fighting for those without a voice, standing up for what I believe in, and building connections rather than placing judgement. I believe that people are inherently good, and that I was put on this planet to help augment, enhance, and propel the good that individuals and small business owners are doing. I believe in honesty, integrity, and being our most authentic selves. Most of all, I believe in living intentionally; loving who you want to love, looking how you want to look, working where, when, and how you want to work, and connecting with people who lift you up rather than hold you down.

We’d be a great fit.

I work best with resilient, honest people who are willing to stand back up after failing; who see strength, not weakness, in vulnerability, and people who know their worth, their values, and aren’t afraid to speak up about them. As a natural born leader (Myers Briggs ENTJ), I work well with other inspired leaders, whether it be in their families, their communities, or their workplaces. I thrive on connecting with people who are strong in their convictions, yet humble enough to see opportunities for growth; people who are willing to get uncomfortable. People who are ready to dig deep and change the world.

…you might want to keep looking.

I’m honest about who I work well with, but also who I’d probably not be the best fit for. I don’t work particularly well with large egos or unreliable people. I have zero tolerance for hate, discrimination, and bullying. You have a passion? Passion, alone, is not enough. You need curiosity, drive, authenticity, and most of all, the intent to grow both personally and professionally. I’m kind, but blunt. Compassionate, but extremely honest. I also am a big numbers person, so if you’re not ready to face the music and look at actual data, I’m not you’re person. Not willing to get uncomfortable? Keep on looking.

What I expect from clients

I expect that egos, stereotypes, and biases are left at the door, that you are 100% honest with me, and that you value my time and effort as much as your own. I need to know you’re ready to move forward, even if it’s uncomfortable. You have to be willing to face your fears, get better at things you’re bad at, do things you don’t feel like doing, and I’ll teach you how to work smarter; saving time and energy for the things that truly matter to you. Like I said, it’s about intentionality. Without intent, a passion is only that. When you apply intent to a passion, you not only generate progress, but solidify purpose.

What clients can expect from me

I don’t have a dishonest bone in my body, so expect 100% honest feedback. I’m not here to be your bud, your bff, or your mother; I’m here to help you move forward. I’m here to hold you accountable, to be your guide through complex problem solving and process development such as workflow automation, website development, systems analysis and optimization, and just generally keeping your head on straight through it all. I’m here to help you and/or your business run more efficiently, to use technology to automate tasks you don’t enjoy, and to free up your time to spend where it matters most to you.

Think of me as your Gandolf. I’m not here to change your path, but to guide you along your own path towards your goals.

Whether you’re a small manufacturing business looking to optimize (or create) processes and systems to streamline your production, a maker with a demand growing faster than your organization skills, an executive with an overwhelming workload, trying to spend more time with your family, or a working mother in desperate need of some automation to free up some time for yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

From engineering to web development to entrepreneurship and online retail, without the intentional use of technology and strong technical and organizational skills, I wouldn’t have made it through any of those careers, much less accomplished anything. But I did, because I knew how to use intentionality and technology to work smarter, not harder.

Want to know more? Let’s Talk.

If you think we would be a good fit and you’re ready to make positive change in your life or organization, or if you just have some questions, get in touch here or apply to become a client. I look forward to meeting you.